"If you are looking for excellent medical training then look no further. Campaign Pay It Forward trained our entire V42 Instructor Team and we couldn't be more satisfied. Campaign Pay It Forward is a proven business that puts the needs of their customers first. Their instructors provide realistic and up-to-date training that is second to none. Whether you are looking for first aid training, CPR/ AED, or Trauma Combat Casualty Care I highly recommend Campaign Pay It Forward!"

Kent Solheim Lieutenant Colonel U.S. Army

"I really liked the class they offered. The way the knowledge is presented and drilled into you head, it’s impossible not to learn. I took the BLS class. I had taken another prior to this and it was NOTHING compared to this one. I retained a lot less and was not taught as in depth. This BLS class breaks each concept down for everything."

Nida Nawaz Participant

"Came here last night for a First Aid/CPR Certification class ran by Chris, an EMT. Chris struck the right balance of humor and seriousness to keep the class engaged. I would come back here again for further training/certifications in the future."

Tyler Stough Scout Participant